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How to be a Real Life Wizard, Our Subconscious Reality


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On my quest to become what could be considered the Modern Day Wizard, I’ve enrolled in one of the most well known hypnosis schools. The first foundations course is free and already I’ve gotten enough practicality out of it that I would have paid for it. The second lesson of my hypnosis class was a bit more challenging than the first. And like the last lesson, it’s got enough new concepts that you can rewrite your understanding of human behavior.


Our Subconscious Reality is complex, yet controllable!

We looked more in depth on the physical vs emotional suggestion types. And then how to work with each of them. Physical and emotional minds process things differently:


Physical -> Thought -> Image -> Physical Reaction -> Emotion

Emotional -> Thought -> Image -> Emotion -> Physical Reaction


When giving suggestions to a Physical, we work on conflict and directions literally. With an Emotional, work on what they are deprived of by the conflict. With Emotionals, the clue is finding out how they feel. When performing hypnosis on Emotionals, you must use techniques like misdirection and inference.

Alongside the physical / emotional differences, some of us visualize versus imagine. When addressing a subject, some are able to visualize and see pictures in their mind with greater ease. The hypnotist can say things such a s “visualize” or “see yourself in this scene”.



Fight vs. Flight in Modern Day

It started with inhibition. Originally, man functioned completely based on instincts. We didn’t have inhibitions like modesty, privacy, social taboos. As man evolved, we came to the realization that not every impulse had to be acted on. We began to develop conscious control. And it was at this point that the fight vs flight mechanism began to shift.


Hypnosis notes 3


We still have the basic evolutionary instinct of fight and flight, but much less frequently do we encounter an issue in a business meeting that ends with punching someone in the face or running out the door as fast as you can. Although that may be entertaining. When we encounter this mechanism in our lives today it turns into something different:


Fight – Reaction (turns into anxiety) -> Action (like exercizing to relieve stress)

Flight – Repression (Bottle up feelings) -> Depression (like sleeping more)


If you’ve ever felt stressed and thought that a good workout or a long run would calm your nerves, that’s the modern day fight reaction kicking in. Flight reaction can cause us to repress feelings, which can lead to depression. A common symptom of that is sleeping more throughout the day. Although it’s important to note, this isn’t the only cause of depression. Just another one.


Pain vs. Pleasure

Like the fight vs flight concept, the pain and pleasure dynamic has shifted with the evolution of man. Every organism will choose pleasure over pain. In modern day, Unknowns represent pain to the subconscious mind. Anything that is unknown is considered a physical or psychological threat since we haven’t experienced it before. Knowns on the other and represent pleasure. A Known is something we have seen before, either positive or negative, but will be accepted by the subconscious because it is familiar. Maybe it’s not a pleasurable experience, but it represents pleasure to the unconscious because it’s known.


Dreams And Learning

The longer a piece of information is kept in your conscious part of your brain, the greater the chance of delusion, distortion, and dilution. What this means in practical terms, if you keep replaying an event in your head all day it will be distorted by the time it gets programed into your subconscious memory (while you’re sleeping).

In hypnosis study, there are 3 types of dreams. These tie in with the normal 90m sleep cycles and the different types of binaural waves we go through.


Processing (Wishful thinking stage) – Is the minds attempt to sort and process the daily information

Predictive (Precog state) – No not like psychic visions of the future. But the mind’s guess on what will happen in the future due to pattern recognition and our collection of life’s experience. And a good bit of intuition.

Venting – This is in the dreams that we vent or release the overload of message units accumulated during the day. This is the latest one in the early morning, and more frequently the ones we remember.


Hypnosis notes 4


The real meat of the lecture is in the exercise and demonstrations the professor shows. Takes a student up and shows the application of what we just learned about. This is where you definitely have to concentrate to stay on top of every nuance of what he’s doing. You’ll have to sign in for the free course to see what I mean. There is no way I can do it justice. I’m having a lot of fun with all this new knowledge.

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