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Keeping Bugs OUT of Your Campervan Van Life


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I started my trip from Florida. If you don’t know that much about Florida, you probably still know that it’s HOT. Hot enough that every night you definitely want some air circulation if not a downright generator for AC.

It’s basically one big swamp.

So clearly I wanted my window open as much as I could while down there.

Now another thing you should know about Florida, is that there are bugs EVERYWHERE. It’s a tropical paradise for those little fellas.

I’m myself, am not a huge fan of bugs in and around my living area. By now you may see my dilemma, I have the need to breath, but also the need to not have bugs crawling on my face at night. If you have lights on bugs WILL want to come in. So it’s time to hit up home depot.

I got the strong magnets I need, but they didn’t have the tape I wanted. I need the white gorilla tape, but they only had the black. So I’ll do a quick trick to Lowe’s across the street.

This stuff is magic. Half this van is held together with either velcro of this magic gorilla tape. It is stronger than duck tape, and I think it looks nicer. I’ve seen it in black or white, there may even be more colors. They should sponsor these videos at this point.

Now all we need is that same mesh screening we have left over from making those foam cabinets in the previous vid. Except this time we’re not gonna paint them with sealant. We’re going to use them for a more common purpose. As actual screening.nWe’re gonna put the mesh screening against the window and unscrew the covers for the window screws. This will let us put the window screen underneath the screw covers for a better looking screen. And then in between each screw we place one of the super magnets so no bugs can weasel their way in.

The tape here helps keep the screen from ripping more after being pierced by the protruding screws. Any place you pierce you’ll want a cover around it with this tape so it doesn’t unravel.

And you can see that I measured the screen to have it taught when the window is opened. So when it’s closed there will be a little bit of slack.

It’s important to be able to keep this window open for ventilation. The roof vent that I have can blow outside air into the van, but it works even better with cross ventilation in reverse. So instead of pumping air in, we suck the hot air out of the van with the vent. And it goes much quicker and gets much cooler if there is a source of air down the line. Namely, this window.

Overall It’s a great little setup that has really helped me out. And you can see the results, after a little while you can see some of the little dudes caught in the screen. Easy to just take a brush and clean it off. Better there than in inside the van.

This is a rough transcript of the video above, I definitely suggestion watching that rather than reading.

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